99.4% Pure CBD Isolate Powder-1g


Kh8 Organics CBD Isolate powder is derived from organic industrial hemp plants grown in Colorado, and third-party lab tested for purity and residual solvents. The CBD is isolated at a 99.4% purity.

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Our CBD isolate powder is derived from Colorado organically grown industrial hemp plants. CO2 extraction method is used to isolate the cannabidiol at a 99.4% purity level.

The isolate powder is tasteless, odorless, and has absolutely 0% THC.

We can guarantee our products contain the amount of listed CBD, and we are honored to provide lab test results for verification.

Additional information

Methods of Use

Add our CBD isolate powder to any tincture product to customize the dosage to your liking. The powder can also be added to your favorite vape juice to create your own custom CBD vape juice blend.

In powder formulation the isolated CBD can be added to coconut, olive, and vegetable cooking oils and used in recipes where such ingredients are required.

Keep in mind when cooking with recipes that use CBD infused oils, the cannabinoid has a boiling point of around 320-356 degrees fahrenheit. Cooking with temperatures higher than its boiling point, can degrade the cannabinoids potency dramatically.

Orally taking our CBD isolate is probably the easiest method of use. It only requires 60-90 seconds of absorbing under your tongue to let your mucous membranes deliver the CBD directly to your bloodstream so they can get to work with your cannabinoid receptors.

Of course our isolate powder can also be smoked or dabbed, with the customer having the proper device/setup for dabbing concentrates.

Measuring dosages

Ideally, you will want to use a scale that is able to measure small weights accurately to determine/measure out your desired potency. Although there are 10mg scoops available online as well.

1 gram isolate powder= 994mg of CBD
0.1 gram isolate powder= 99.4mg of CBD

Product Size

1 gram individual jar


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